Buri Resort and Spa: A Romantic Escape


Puerto Galera will always be a top of mind destination especially if you are looking for a quick getaway to spend your weekend or, in our case, a weekday holiday.

I have already been to the popular White Beach of Puerto Galera, where the usual vacationers would stay, and to the Talipanan Beach which is ideal for travellers who want a tranquil stay.

This time around, I would want to check on the other side of the island; its beautiful resorts.


Buri Resort and Spa located in Sitio Dalaruan, Puerto Galera has constantly been listed as top resorts in the Philippines. For this reason, I have immediately check on their website and the available rooms for August 20, 2014 to August 21, 2014 (Ninoy Aquino Day).

We only needed a regular villa since we’re only two, but all standard villas were booked on those days, thus we booked for a pool villa instead at Php4,880 including taxes and service charges, lean season, weekday rate. The pool villa is priced Php2,500 more during weekends.



From Cubao, you can ride a bus headed to Batangas Pier (Php175, one way). The bus ride usually takes less than two hours.  From the pier, take Minolo Shipping Lines boat to Muelle port (Php240). We arrived at Batangas Pier around 10:00am and we headed to Minolo ticketing office. Their usual trip schedule to Muelle port is at 10:30am. The boat ride from Batangas Pier to Muelle Port is 45 minutes. Once you reach Muelle Port, you have to pay Terminal Fee (Php30) and Environmental Fee (Php20). From Muelle port, there will be a boat that will fetch you, and take you to Buri Resort. This 5-minute boat ride has to be arranged with the resort reservation officers. The boat fee is Php250 per person, and is paid at the resort’s front desk.


The warm hotel staff greeted us immediately as soon as out boat reached the resort, they gave us welcome calamansi juice drinks while briefing us with our booking and the resort’s amenities. Ricky was the one gave the orientation. Shortly after, Art led us to our villa. Save yourself much strength because you have to climbed 200 steps to your villa.



After the 3 hours trip to the resort, you would really be on need of this!! 

Our room was a pool villa, pretty much big for us. Pool villa is a bi-level suite. It has a queens-size bed on the lowel level and two single beds on the upper level. What sets this type from others is the private plunge pool.


Peeking on our neighbor’s villa. =)



Our private mini-pool.




A couch on the upper level balcony where you can relax and have the best view of the resort.



The queens-sized bed on the lower level of the villa.

Buri Resort and Spa has a total of 12 villas, each named after a local flower. Our villa’s name is Gumamela. Looking at the details of the villa, you can really tell that much passion and artistry had been put to it. The resort boasts its traditional modern architecture.

The resort has two infinity pools located at the entrance of the resort which are very tempting for a dip.




Their food is quite expensive and usually their serving is good for two persons, Php250-Php400 per order. Resort guests can directly proceed to Animasi Restaurant located on the left side of the infinity pool, or you can call their local lines and have your food delivered at your villa.


Animasi Restaurant

We had our lunch at the their restaurant and ordered for Gatang Manok and Vegetable Curry. We had merienda by the pool.






Only when we realized that what we ordered for lunch were kinda the same when it was served to us. Ahhh fail!



Merienda by the poolside.

The food is quite pricey, 12% VAT and 10% service charges are not yet included in the published rates.

For our dinner, we asked if they can set up a romantic dinner for us, and they did. Josh, the restaurant staff, was very much accomodating with our every request.


Out candle-lit dinner set.



Mixed vegetables.


Grilled Tilapia with side veggie and red egg.

What a better way to end the night than to receive a knock on your door and be given this good night note written on a tree leaf.


For our next day, since it’s a 200 steps down from our villa to the restaurant, we had our Tocino and Longganisa breakfast delivered instead and had it at the best spot, at our balcony. I confess, I am a coffee-addict, thus what I love the most with their breakfast preparation was the full jar of brewed coffee. Ahhhh.


My favourite meal of the day. Breaaakfast!!!

After our breakfast, we were on for some photo ops. Good thing, my partner had that enough patient in taking photos of me. =) In fact, he would direct me with my poses and would think of concepts. =)


Buri trees standing strong and high.

Everything is just lovely around here.












We had an amazing overnight at Buri Resort and Spa. We were totally relaxed with the beauty and tranquility of the resort and with the superb customer service.


Thank you Buri for this one of a kind romantic escape.



Buri Resort and Spa

Sitio Dalaruan

Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

Phone (Manila office): (+632) 6258627

Mobile: (+63) 9275659671

Fax : 043-2873502

Email: info@buri-resort.com



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